Production control systems and automatic nesting

Atom provides the tools to better manage and make the cutting process more efficient, by collecting all data made by the machines during production. Atom has also built a digital infrastructure to allow the exchange of data with other corporate ecosystems through an uninterrupted and automated flow.

Benefits at all company levels

Based on the historical data, complex economic analyses can be made of costs, use of materials and consumption.


It’s also possible to provide data relating to the operation of the machines (what they produced, how long it took, how much material they used) to allow better planning of the work.

Production director

It can monitor the operational status of all machines and the overall production progress. The system supports the distribution of work between the various machines.

Line manager

The CAD systems are connected directly with the information system of the machines to be able to prototype the parts quickly.

Pattern making and design

In addition to having control over the correct functioning of the cutting system, the operator is released from the task of programming the work and instead if provided with a real-time feedback of their progress during daily production.

Machine operator

Design software


CuteCad is 2D CAD software designed for all users. No previous experience is required to get started. CuteCAD is designed with modularity, extensibility and portability in mind, to accelerate the prototyping process and reduce product time to market.

Nesting systems

Our Nesting strategies are based on high-level logic that drives optimization processes using low-level nesting functions, to maximize efficiency and satisfy each customer’s requests. We develop specific nesting strategies based on individual production needs: here are some examples

Production Control

Job Manager

It is the complete solution for the management of cutting rooms, from the smallest to the most complex and structured ones. It integrates many features in a simple user interface: import of orders from ERP, automatic nesting, output on cutting machines and reports from the workshop.

The Pluses

Centralized management

You can check through a single database

Input Output

The system provides a large amount of data and has the tools to use it. It is able to integrate data internal to the process with external data coming from other company areas, as it manages all the most popular formats. The Job Manager is also integrated with CuteCad and the Shoemaster platform.

Order entry

Custom automatic import procedures from ERP or external databases can be easily implemented through the development of custom plugins.

Complete choice of placement strategies

Atom offers a series of different strategies that can be adapted to any type of production. The nesting process are performed completely in deferred mode, so that cutting layouts are calculated overnight and do not affect the production process.


Job Manager provides standard reports on order processing and material consumption. Customized report sheets can be provided upon request. All the data that is recorded can be made available to business intelligence software for business analysis on the use of materials, machines, production, etc.

Cutting room viewer

Applications to monitor cutting room activities.

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