FlashCut Easy

The compact and flexible solution for prototyping,
sampling and production

The advantages of the series

and quality of cut

Thanks to a sectorized and operator-adjustable suction system (M25, L30 and L35), high material retention during cutting, precision and maximum energy saving is ensured.



Ideal for sampling and small batches, the series also includes the FlashCut Easy 888 L35 model with double cutting beam for those seeking maximum productivity.

Wide range
of use sectors

The robustness of the structure and cutting precision make the Easy range of cutting solutions suitable for use in many different sectors.

Linked products

All models of the series

Multi-material - For leather, leather and synthetic materials

FlashCut Easy 222

For pattern making and small sampling

FlashCut Easy 888

For pattern making and small-medium production.

FlashCut Easy 888 M25

For medium production

FlashCut Easy 888 L30

For medium and large productions and larger materials

FlashCut Easy 888 L35

The highly productive cutting system of the Easy series

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