Swingbeam die-cutting machines

Guaranteed reliability, robustness and ease of operation

The advantages of the series

and durability over time

Atom's 70 years of experience helps guarantee robust products with low consumption and minimal maintenance. The cast base resists stress and ensures maximum durability and low noise.

High productivity
and cutting precision

The exclusive electro-mechanical components ensure constant cutting pressure, maximum cutting speed and precision. The optional programmable stroke counting system allows you to monitor the quantities cut and plan automatic shutdown.

and ease of use

The position and sequence of the cutting controls provide maximum safety along with ease of use, while the lightness of rotation arm aids the operator's work.

All models of the series

The Atom range of hydraulic rotary arm die-cutting machines allows you to choose between 24 different versions to satisfy the cutting needs of different sectors

SE Series

Model with automatic positioning cutting limit switch for the use with dies of different heights without any adjustment. Through a single selector and potentiometer, it is possible to quickly select the power in relation to the cutting requirements of the die.

S1 series

Model with automatic positioning limit switch for the use with dies of different heights without any adjustment via three-button power selector and double potentiometer. The light swing system guarantees maximum light rotation of the arm which benefits the operator.

MultiForce Series

Model with exclusive MultiForce limit switch system, allowing you to quickly switch between the different dies with varying cutting requirements. This model automatically adjusts the power based on the linear measurement of the die used, regardless of the resistance and thickness of the materials to be cut.

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