Acquisition systems

Scanning systems can automatically capture the contour of the skin, regardless of its type, color and size

The advantages of the series

Measurement accuracy

Thanks to the performance of the suction, it’s possible to flatten the surface of the skin, obtaining an extremely clear and faithful projected image.

Digital marking of defects and quality areas

The optical pen allows you to mark defects, quality areas, and stretch direction, making leather marking quick and simple. Using the same pen it is also possible to control the main functions of the system, providing an extremely ergonomic interface between man-machine.

Maximum process automation

Integrated automatic nesting software is available for all acquisition systems, drastically reducing process times and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Hide tracking

Offline acquisition systems allow tracking of scanned and/or already placed hides via a barcode. Reading the barcode on the machine allows you to quickly load the cutting layout corresponding to the physical leather hide.

Facilitated visual inspection of the skin

Thanks to a double LED lighting system, with diffused and grazing light, the operator can easily detect all surface defects, including those less visible with natural light.

Intelliview 3015B

Step 1

• Take a photo of the skin to define the profile and any holes
• Adjusting parameters to optimize interactive skin definition

Step 2

• Use of light pen to mark all defects (if any)
• Use of the optical pen to define the quality (max 3) and waste areas

Step 3

• Saving the interactive marking on the Job manager while waiting for off-line nesting

Step 4

• Printing of the bar code to be applied to the leather, which is returned to the warehouse or taken to the cutting machine

The Intelliview series models are available in online and offline versions.

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