Caramuel Students Visit Atom Headquarters

As part of the TechTour, an initiative promoted by Assolombarda to bring high school students closer to businesses and technologies, around twenty students from the 5th Electronics class of IIS Caramuel-Roncalli in Vigevano visited Atom headquarters on Monday, March 11th.

Through factory tours and machine demonstrations, they were introduced to the world of work, helping them better understand the opportunities available for young people.

«We are proud to have participated in Assolombarda’s TechTour,’ commented Luisa Gaia, CFO and HR Manager of Atom. «It is very important for us to introduce our reality to high school students, who are being trained as qualified young professionals that may find employment opportunities at Atom

Moreover, technological innovation is a fundamental part of our work, and participating in this initiative allows us to showcase our focus and daily commitment in this area».
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